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The coldstore Tromsøterminalen AS was founded in Tromsø in 1995. Since the beginning, the company has been one of North Norway’s leading coldstores, with positive development in the last 25 years. Due to the increasing need for cold and dry storage in North Norway, the owners decided in 2018 to build new storage facilities for the company. In January 2020, Tromsøterminalen AS opened a new and top modern logistics center, strategically located on the island of Tromsø. Tromsøterminalen is today the biggest coldstore in Tromsø, with the capacity of more than 20,000 tons, and able to handle all our customers’ coldstore, dry storage, and shipping needs.


Tromsøterminalen AS is owned by Eimskip Norway AS (51 %) and Fiskernes Agnforsyning SA (49 %). Tromsøterminalen operates as an independent service provider for its customers. Both owners are co-located with their headquarters on the 2nd floor of Tromsøterminalen. Tromsøterminalen Eiendom AS, which is owned by Fiskernes Agnforsyning SA (51 %) and Eimskip Norway AS (49 %), owns the facilities that are rented out to Tromsøterminalen AS and other tenants.

Board of Directors

  • Lara Konradsdottir, Chairman of the Board
  • Bengt Hilstad, Member of the Board
  • Bjarni Sigurdsson, Member of the Board
  • Åse Helene Rønning Eilertsen, Member of the Board

Transparency Act (Åpenhetsloven)

Please read about our work with the Norwegian Transparency Act here.